Samten Hills Dalat, a sacred highland located among majestic and immense mountains. A gathering place of the energy which emanates from the sacred forms constructed by Buddhist practioners from the Buddha’s homeland.

The architecture of Samten Hills Dalat was inspired by the sacred Buddhist lands of the snowcapped Himalayas. One of the most unique set of centerpieces, which reflect the core values of Samten Hills Dalat, are the complex collection of traditional Buddhist constructions created by His Eminence Drubwang Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche. His Eminence is a venerable monk from the peaceful and pure Buddhist land of Ladakh, India. With the support of the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha in Lam Dong Province, Drubwang Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche and his students have constructed a culturally and spiritually rich refuge, named Drigung Kagyu Samten Ling, has been recognized by Vietnam Federation of Unesco Associations as a “Spiritual and Cultural Space for Vajrayana Buddhism space in Vietnam.”

The cultural and spiritual space of Vajrayana Buddhism at Samten Hills Dalat will be a place for the opening of and continued flow of the historic stream of Tantric Buddhism in Vietnam. It is a process which started in the 6th century and continued in the Ly – Tran dynasties of the early 10th and 11th centuries. Every year, Vietnamese Buddhists make pilgrimage to India and Nepal to admire the spiritual works of Vajrayana Buddhism. Now, right here in Vietnam, they can admire a most flawless collection Buddhist cultural constructions, imbued with spiritual culture, that has existed since the time of our forefathers, more than a thousand years ago.

Drubwang Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche is a Buddhist practitioner, who first took ordination at 8 years old. Rinpoche has always persevered one-pointedly in his study and practice. With the strong vow to spread the sublime Dharma for the benefit of others, Rinpoche has come to Vietnam to transmit the Dharma for 15 years.

Sonam Jorphel Rinpoche has traveled around the world to many countries, including: Germany, The United States, India, and Nepal. In these countries, Rinpoche has taught and constructed many sacred sites. Despite his advanced age, Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche still disregards hardship, as he works, extensively, to benefit all sentient beings, both here in Vietnam, and around the world. All this is so that here, today, a cultural and spiritual space of Buddhism, a wisdom that has spread all over the world, is present in Vietnam.

A pure and peaceful spiritual space for Buddhists to find and live in immense love; a love that seeps into each tree and every blade of grass. That is the prayer and the dedication of merit made by His Eminence Sonam Jorfel Rinpoche: that all sentient beings will always have peace and happiness, and that there will be world peace, and prosperity. At Samten Hills Dalat, we will admire artwork depicting the buddhas, bodhisattvas, and sanghas of the ten directions.

Each line and pattern are crafted with concentration; the union of the body and mind. The skilled craftsmen come from India and Nepal, the homeplaces of Shakyamuni Buddha, the great sage who leads humanity to peace.

The Great Prayer-Wheel, Drigung Kagyu Rinchen Khorchen Khorwe Go Gek, is made of pure copper inlaid with 24k gold. It contains countless mantras of the buddhas of the ten directions. In the end of 2022, it officially set the Guinness World Record for the largest prayer-wheel in the world.

The moment we put our hands on the prayer wheel, a silence touches us deeply, and we single-mindedly rotate the prayer wheel. Thus, countless mantras of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva radiate out and harmonize the universe, spreading the energy of love and compassion to all sentient beings.
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