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Dalat tour information

A few tips for happiest flying – Dalat city

17/03/2023 - 683 lượt xem

Get to the airport early, you can always kill an hour.Check in your luggage, it’s a cheap add on.Just carry on one item – more we have, more we can lose.Don’t stuff your backpack to the gills, leave room for purchases and easy manoeuvring.Go through security and Immigration as soon as possible, there are fewer […]

Dalat city is in Top 5 beautiful cities in Vietnam

19/01/2023 - 787 lượt xem

(TITC) – The Canadian/American Drift Travel Magazine recently recommended the Top 5 cities in Vietnam visitors should visit during their trip.Drift Travel stated, Vietnam is a country known for incredible beauty, with some of the most stunning cities in Southeast Asia. From the vibrant metropolis Ho Chi Minh City and Ha Noi to charming beaches […]

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