A few tips for happiest flying – Dalat city

Get to the airport early, you can always kill an hour.
Check in your luggage, it’s a cheap add on.
Just carry on one item – more we have, more we can lose.
Don’t stuff your backpack to the gills, leave room for purchases and easy manoeuvring.
Go through security and Immigration as soon as possible, there are fewer thieves inside and you get the queuing up over with.
Bring plenty of cash, everything costs a fortune in airports.
Wear a top with a breast pocket, that way your passport and boarding pass can’t easily fall out.
Be prepared to take out your electronic gear so you’re not fumbling around at security.
Keep your stuff in your hand.
When you must put your stuff down keep it within touch in front of you.
Never put your stuff beside or behind you.
Be ready and respectful at Immigration, stand straight, hat off.
Don’t rush on or off the airplane, won’t go any faster.
Stow your stuff and sit down. When all are seated you can dig around in the overhead compartment.